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About Us

About Us

napa Valley Wine Makers

– Elleary Wine is a product of Vino Haus LLC – based in Napa Valley, Ca.

When Shawn and Vivien Karimi started out they wanted to make good wine and enjoy with friends. As their knowledge of quality wine-making grew, they realized that they also want to share that knowledge of the wine-making process with the people who enjoy their wine vintages. Learn more about Our Story and our Culture & People.

Goals for Elleary Members:

  • Make Fine Vintages
  • Share Wine at Membership Value
  • Educate Members on Wine Making
  • Continue Growth of Vintage Labels
  • Increase our Member Community
  • Further the Depth of Knowledge-Sharing

What makes our Wine Vintages High-Quality?:

Terroir Process: There are 4 elements that make growing grapes perfect for harvesting fine wine vintages.

Grape Plant Quality: The type and health of the grape decides the wines final quality.

Spring Bud Break: No chemicals used, natural process.

Plant Watering: the watering the plant is vital. In some respects the plant needs to be starved and roots dried to promote better root growth, and in turn a better harvested product..

Flavor Profiles: the rich and unique flavor profiles found in in each wine vintage are derived from the above process and all of its detailed nuances.

Harvesting: the manner in which harvest thing is done is essential to how the grape is prepared for wine. Harvesting at the right time for the right. Of time in the right storage temperatures will prepare the grape for its final phase to be turned into wine.

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Vintages by Year

2016 – A near-perfect growing season

The near-perfect 2016 growing season started early, saw ideal weather conditions throughout and wrapped up as the valley’s first significant fall rainstorm arrived on October 14.


Thanks to a relatively steady and mild July and August and then a series of warm days at the end of the growing season, vineyards were able to progress to perfect ripeness.


2016 was an incredible year for Cabernet Sauvignon.


2017-Mother Nature throws curve balls; winemakers catch them

The year began with abundant rainfall, followed by a mild Spring resulting in extended flowering with little shatter. A Labor Day weekend heatwave kicked harvest into high gear, then cool weather allowed sugar levels to return to normal. By October 8 nearly 90 percent of the 2017 grape tonnage was in when warm, fierce winds fueled an unprecedented firestorm.

The 2017 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon displays the plushness of fruit and tannin that comes from the sandy alluvial soils of the vineyard.

The wine pops out of the glass with dried cherry, plum, cigar box and ground coffee aromas.
The palate is rich with concentrated pomegranate, French plum, mocha, fresh herbs and spice that holds through the round mid-palate.
The fine-grained tannins and fresh acid deliver a bright fresh body that finishes with long notes of dark chocolate, baking spices and currant.
the 2017 vintage describe the wines with words such as “finesse,” “great complexity of flavor” and “elegant.
French oak Barrel aged for 20 months.


2018 – Seamless season of heavenly hang-time and phenomenal phenolic development


February saw abundant rains, followed by lots of filtered light in spring and early summer. Both bud break and flowering occurred a bit late, but under ideal weather conditions, creating plentiful and even fruit set. Summer brought generous sun during the day and cooler marine influences, virtually uninterrupted by major heat spikes.


The relatively mild summer followed by extended fall sunshine and moderate heat created near-ideal conditions for winemakers to allow their fruit to accumulate flavor complexity with gradual increases in sugar levels.

The wine is dark with aromas of cassis, blueberry, roasted coffee, molasses and lifted floral notes.

The body is dense and powerful on entry with purity displaying black raspberry, blueberry, and black currant flavors.
The structure is focused with mouth-coating tannins that draw the wine through the palate. The finish is rich and lingering, accented by essences of cigar box, dark chocolate and espresso.

Barrel aged for 20 months in french oak barrels.


2019 – A long, warm summer and mild finish to the season


The beginning of the 2019 growing season was defined by copious rainfall and late soil moisture. The long, warm summer saw very few extreme heat events, with foggy mornings setting the stage for vibrant and expressive wines.

The long, relatively mild finish to the season, not without its moments of unpredictability, helped to preserve freshness and finesse in the fruit with abundant hang time teasing out great color, structure and soft tannins. . All in all, exceptional fruit with bright acidity and ample texture promises an amazing vintage

2019 – Napa Valley Cabernet stags leap displays the balance and concentration inherent in the vineyard. The wines aromas are perfumed with notes of blackberry, cherry, blueberries, licorice, and freshly roasted coffee.

The entry is smooth and generous with lots of fresh berry and mixed berry pie that rounds out with lush tannins. The moderate acid keeps the palate clean through the finish with pomegranate and earl grey tea lingering.



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Provide some intro information in first sentence about the 2016 label. Second sentence perhaps about it’s flavor profile, the types of grape, how it was aged, etc.

Third sentence could be about how this specific 20166 year vintage differs from a newer 2-3 year vintage, etc.

Lastly finish with any of descriptive items. If you follow this format for each of the years and types of wine it will be much better for the site – I can’t fill in the info don’t know what I am talking about, so need your help.

The Experience

Below is a depiction of how we view our business services in terms of ideal customer experience. Vino Haus & Elleary wines are  designed to provide the following four elements to the public. Below is how we view our responsibility in delivering each of those to you on a scale of 100%.

Wine Making Education
Exclusive Member Pricing
Napa Valley Tasting Room
Inclusive Wine Community
Wine Making Education
We want our website to be a place where you find great wine while becoming immersed in the win-making process.
Selection of Wine Vintages
Current selection of a half dozen types of Wine Vintages – 2016 to present Cabernet Savignons, and a 2019 Merlot.
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